French Drains properly built and installed ensure your foundation is well protected!

French drains : Used when humidity is taking over your basement!

Do you find that your land is not draining well? Have you noticed mold at the bottom of your exterior walls? Or a white powder known as efflorescence?

It is probably caused by a drain problem. Every foundation should be protected from humidity by a French drain. The French drain should be well positioned for optimal performance. A malfunctioning or nonexistent drain may, unfortunately, damage your property over time. The problem should not be ignored.

Several factors may be responsible for humidity problems in your basement:

  • Absence of a drainage system
  • French drain clogged by tree roots or by iron ochre
  • French drain that is crushed or poorly positioned
  • And many other factors can cause such problems.

Don’t have french drains around your home?

If there is no French drain around your foundation, the experts at L’entreprise générale paysagiste Riccardi in Montreal will install a high performance drainage system. The efficiency of the drain will put an end to your humidity problems.

If your drain is damaged or being obstructed, it’s time to repair them

If your drain is defective due to an obstruction or damage, or if it’s simply badly positioned, our team of experts will inspect it. The inspection will allow them to determine what repairs are needed to get your drain back in good working order.

However, it is possible for a French drain to be so badly damaged that it must be replaced. A French drain has a lifespan of approximately 30 years. If necessary, our team of experts can replace your drainage system.

The installation of a French drain will not leave your yard in a state of disaster. Although it is a big job, rest assured that we will clean up once the job is done and leave your yard in it’s original state.

Because a well installed French drain will protect your property

The installation and repair of drains around the foundation are important jobs that require great expertise in the field. When you trust your drains to our team of experts, you can be sure that the work will be done impeccably and in accordance with strict quality standards.