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Landscaper Designers Montreal Since 1999

Looking for a landscaping company that can turn your green space into a paradise?

Welcome to L’Entreprise GĂ©nĂ©rale Paysagiste Riccardi!

Our landscaping company has been providing home, business owners and commercial property owners in Greater Montreal landscaping design services since 1999.

With our many years of experience with backyard design, garden design and front-yard landscaping we have perfected the service of modern landscaping. We work tirelessly with our clients to assure they agree that L’Entreprise GĂ©nĂ©rale Paysagiste Riccardi is one of Montreal’s best landscape contractors, period.

Montreal landscaping modern design

We offer a full range of landscaping services, typically working on the island of Montreal, often in Laval and in many instances in the North Shore and South Shore of Montreal.

Our team will seemingly joyfully play in our Caterpillar Equipment while designing natural landscapes that you and your neighbours will marvel at. With excavators, backhoe loaders android old  shovels we offer you a range of landscaping services for both residential landscape design and commercial landscape design.

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Landscape designers at your doorstep, garden, driveway or commercial landscaping project… Tell us where to go and we’ll be there!

General landscaping

General landscaping Montreal, L'Entreprise Générale Paysagiste Riccardi photo

We offer general landscaping, excavation, landscape maintenance and design services and we are confident that you will be satisfied when our work is done.

General landscapers services include, Foundation repairs, French drains, Interlock paving, paving systems, retainer walls, paving slabs & pavers services , garden edging & borders and pool landscaping. We have developed a complete range of customized services so that we can offer you a superior quality turnkey solution too landscape design.

Learn more on our landscapers in Montreal services.

Patio tiles, interlocking blocks and exterior ground design

Interlock paving patio tiles Montreal, L'Entreprise Générale Paysagiste Riccardi photo

Dreaming of beautiful paving stone patio or ground covering that makes your swimming pool area look like a million bucks?!

There are infinite landscaping design possibilities.

Our full range of ground design services for your outdoor space, include the installation of interlock pavers and tiles.

Learn more on our Interlock paving services here.

Need paving work done on your driveway or elsewhere?

Driveway paving Montreal, L'Entreprise Générale Paysagiste Riccardi photo

Our proprietary TerraElast paving systems are the future of paving and a pavers dream come true! Great for your budget and environment too!

Trust an environmental paving alternative that’ll save you money while providing superior drainage along the way.

Learn more on our environmental paving alternatives that can completely replace materials such as asphalt and concrete.

French Drains built properly ensure your foundation is protected from water build up!

French drain repair Montreal, L'Entreprise Générale Paysagiste Riccardi, photo

Is there mold at the bottom of your exterior walls? Are your basement walls damp, showing cracks or dry powder like coating on your basement walls?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you could have a French drain problem.

A malfunctioning or nonexistent drain may, unfortunately, damage your property over time.

Learn more about our French drains repair here

Need to talk to a foundation repair company in Montreal that can assess cracks, leaks and or damage quickly?

Foundation repair Montreal, L'Entreprise Générale Paysagiste Riccardi, photo

L’Entreprise GĂ©nĂ©rale Paysagiste Riccardi’s team of landscape designers and landscape contractors specialize in all that earth that surrounds your homes foundation. Both the inside and out. If you think your foundation walls may be compromised by cracks, fissures or water, we’re a company Montrealer’s trust when it is time to do heavy digging!

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