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Foundation repair company – L’Entreprise Générale Paysagiste Riccardi

We’re a foundation repair company in Montreal that’ll make quick work out of any crack, leak or damage in your foundations walls! L’Entreprise Générale Paysagiste Riccardi or Paysagiste Riccardi as we are commonly referred to is a family run team of landscapers that specialize in all that surrounds your house. Whether it be the foundation of your home that needs some love or the garden in the back, we’re a company Montrealers trust when it is time to do some heavy digging! If you’re searching for a company to do some foundation repair around your home, our team have the expertise to guarantee you will receive quality work that lasts a lifetime.

With our state of the art machinery, we are equipped to perform any and all mini excavation work and repair any damage that is showing on your foundation or from within the basement.

If you have cracked, fissured, sagging, leaning, tilting or bulging in the concrete that makes up your homes foundation, this could be a sign of trouble. If you are fortunate, this may not necessarily be the case. If there are signs of problems, homeowners that treat these signs early usually have less problems down the road. One thing is certain however, foundation crack repair is imperative if you notice any of the tell tale signs of foundation problems mentioned above. We are proud of our unique and efficient techniques for effectively repairing foundation cracks and bulges around your home.

Cracks in your homes foundation?

Have you noticed cracks in the foundation of your home? Or perhaps worse, water leaking in your basement?

Cracks in a homes foundation may be caused by temperature shifts (freezing to thawing and vice versa), an unstable or uneven landscape or a defective drainage system around your homes foundation.

Our team of expert foundation contractors can estimate the health and overall condition of your foundation to help you choose a repair method that best suits your specific situation.

To give you an idea of the type of work we do, here is an example of what we might do in a situation involving a home with several small hairline cracks throughout it. Typically, when carrying out the repair of a houses foundation, we dig around the house using a mini excavation machine.

Then, we clean any and all visible cracks and inject a product that infiltrates, thoroughly fills them (using an epoxy) and that finally seals them. These repairs are a durable and cost effective way to assure the health of your foundation for a long time to come.

Cracks caused by a bad water drainage system or worse… an inexistent one?

If you don’t have a French drain, while on the premises, we will often strongly suggest that you consider having one installed while we are on the site. Why? As the foundation walls are exposed and we have dug deep around your home, this is an opportune time to install French drains that by carrying water away from your home, will help prevent any future damage to your foundation from worsening over time due to water exposure.

L’Entreprise Générale Paysagiste Riccardi is a foundation repair company in Montreal that has the expertise and equipment required to do all excavation work required to install a French drain, why not take advantage? A properly installed French drain will put an end to problems of humidity and water leaking into the basement.

Note that most of the homes built in Montreal before 1960 do not have a French drain! If you are in a home built before 1960, consider the installation of a French drain today.

If you do have a drainage system in place, an inspection will allow us and you to identify the reasons why it may not be working effectively. After a complete inspection of your drainage system, we can then prepare an estimate to repair the drain, should you like us to.

For superior quality foundation repairs, count on L’Entreprise Générale Paysagiste Riccardi

Trust us with your foundation problems and we guarantee quality work expertly done in accordance to all of Montreal housing code and strict quality standards of all associated construction associations across Quebec. Feel absolutely free to contact us today for an estimate of foundation repair costs.