Patio tiles & interlocking blocks: refined exterior ground design

Patio tiles…for the terrace of your dreams…

Whether you are dreaming of a beautiful paving stone patio or a ground covering that makes your pool area look inviting and elegant, stone pavers and concrete tiles offer infinite design possibilities.

L’entreprise générale paysagiste Riccardi in Montreal offers a full range of services for your outdoor space, including the installation of interlock pavers and tiles.

For your driveway, sidewalks, steps and walls, your patio or your pool, tiles and interlock paving allow you to get the effect and ambiance you are looking for. Take advantage of the creativity and design services of our landscape architect. The architect will show you all the products available that suit your land and will advise you on the choice that best meets your needs and expectations and that will give you the visual effect you desire. He will also plan the landscaping work, if required, and will clearly explain it.

Whether your property’s style is more suited to a rustic look or something more modern, the selection of interlock pavers and tiles is so vast that you will undoubtedly find what you need. Laying interlock paving and landscaping require special attention to detail. The slope of your land must be taken into consideration to ensure adequate irrigation, and landscaping may be necessary. Our team pays special attention to these details so that the installation is flawless.

Paving stones and blocks : there are a number of advantages

There are many advantages to interlock paving. It has a proven track record. Its lifespan surpasses those of concrete, asphalt and wood.

  • With an impressive array of shapes and colors, interlock pavers can create many looks, for an outdoor design that is exactly to your liking.
  • It offers excellent resistance to errosion.
  • It is very easy to maintain and repair.

For beautiful interlock paving in Montreal and an original and inviting landscape design, count on us!

Whatever your desires, the team at L’entreprise générale paysagiste Riccardi in Montreal offers professional services in interlock paving and landscaping to make your outdoor space as enjoyable and beautiful as you wish. Our experience means we can guarantee an impeccable job.