TerraElast : The future of paving and landscaping

In almost all sectors, innovative achievements and modern technologies are replacing conventional materials. However, in the paving industry, it’s been over 50 years that we use the same basic products of dubious environmental credentials. However, a material has been developed which can complement or completely replace building materials such as asphalt or concrete.

TerraElast is a permeable composite to water that is ideal for road paving, sidewalks and various grounds. Terraelast is a product made in Germany that drains water into the ground and not into the sewer system; water can then evaporate. Thus, flooding is greatly reduced as natural water streams, simply, (water) passes through the surface and returned to the soil. It consists of a granite stone base which is glued together with two different liquids which are then mixed together to make an organic adhesive, waterproof and hard.