Cracks or damage in your foundations walls? We have the solution!

Foundation repair

L’entreprise générale paysagiste Riccardi is a team of contractors who specialize in foundations and whose expertise guarantees quality work that lasts.

With our state of the art machinery, we are equipped to perform mini excavation work in order to repair damage that appears in your foundation.

Cracked, sagging, tilting or bulging walls. We are proud of our unique and efficient techniques for effectively repairing cracks and bulges in foundation walls.

Cracks in your foundation?

Have you noticed cracks in the foundation of your property? Or water leaking in your basement?

Cracks in a foundation may be caused by temperature changes (freezing and thawing), an unstable landscape or a defective drainage system around the foundation.

Our team of expert foundation contractors will estimate the condition of your foundation and help you choose the repair technique that best suits your situation.

To carry out the repairs, we will perform a mini excavation around your foundation. Then, we will clean the cracks and inject a product that infiltrates, fills and seals them. The repairs are durable and effective.

Cracks caused by a bad water drainage system or an inexistent one…

If you don’t have a French drain, we strongly suggest that you have one installed to prevent damage to your foundation from worsening over time.

We have the expertise and advanced equipment to perform a mini excavation in order to install a French drain. The drain will put an end to problems of humidity and water leaking in the basement. Note that most of the homes built in Montreal before 1960 do not have a French drain.

If you do have a drainage system in place, an inspection will allow us to identify the reasons why it is not working effectively. Then we can repair the drain, if necessary.

For superior quality repairs, count on us!

Trust us with your foundation problems and we guarantee quality work expertly done in accordance to code and strict quality standards. Contact us today for an estimate of repairs.