TerraElast paving systems: The future of paving and landscaping in Montreal

Environmental paving alternatives that save money, help drainage and are sustainable.

In almost all sectors, innovative achievements and modern technologies are replacing conventional materials. However, in the paving industry, it’s been over 50 years that we use the same basic products of dubious environmental credentials. However, a environmental paving alternatives or material has been developed which can complement or completely replace building materials such as asphalt or concrete. The usage of this paving system improves the surfaces we walk and drive on, it is a process used to improve exterior path and driveways.

Environmental paving systems Terraelast Paysagiste Riccardi

The environmental friendly paving system by L’Entreprise Générale Paysagiste Riccardi

TerraElast is a permeable composite to water that is ideal for road paving, sidewalks and various grounds. The TerraElast paving system is a product made in Germany that drains water into the ground and not into the sewer system; water can then evaporate. Thus, flooding is greatly reduced as natural water streams, simply, (water) passes through the surface and returned to the soil.

The properties of TerraElast paving systems:

TerraElast is a durable and environmentally sustainable paving alternative. It exhibits characteristics such as an ability to withstand heavy compression, bending, corrosion, movement and heavy impact. Among the favourite properties of many users of this paving alternative are its resistance to denting.

In addition, this type of paving goffers those who use it in the construction of walkways, paths and driveways excellent features. Indeed, traditionally paved walk areas or streets, pedestrian areas and roads all become non-slip due to the materials construction, thus reducing the risk of slip & fall or skidding accidents.

Inexpensive, this type of floor covering can cover large areas that require resistance to high loads. For example, the quality of the ground is not affected by the heavy bodywork of vehicles. This is why many entrepreneurs from public establishments favor it. As a result, the large void absorbed by the materials provides better soundproofing of vehicles on the ground than its counterpart, asphalt.

What are the consequences of poor paving systems?

Environmenatal paving alternative paysagiste Riccardi Terraelast

A paving alternative that can be used in private, industrial or institutional paving areas.

High repair and maintenance costs paving alternatives have been made to improve road and path drainage systems in the past. However, until now, they have for the most part been prohibitively expensive as a replacement to traditional paving options.

An excellent example that highlights the value of TerraElast as an alternative to traditional paving surfaces at the end of winter. Drain clogging is caused by the accumulation of water during the melting of ice in spring or torrential rains in fall. Traditional repercussions of an over abundance of water on sewage systems or drainage systems are typically the following:

• Overload or breakage of wastewater treatment plants
• Increased flooding of residential and public drainage systems
• Lower groundwater levels

See some of the many benefits of our alternative paving system

TerraElast paving systems, have many benefits…

• Water-Permeable
• Elastic
• Inherently Stable
• Sound-Absorbent
• Environmentally Friendly
• Resilient
• Frost-Resistant
• Seamless Installation
• Durable
• Easy To Care For
• Low Maintenance
• Sets Quickly
• Skid-Resistant
• Reduces Sprayed Water
• Saves Material
• Choice Of Colours
• Does Not Create A Sealed Surface
• Less Road Noise
• No Aquaplaning
• No Drainage
• No Lane Grooves
• No Frost Damage
• No Pot Holes
• Reduced Wear
• Less Ongoing Maintenance
• Reduced Pollution
• Less Material Costs
• No Sealing Charges
• Reduced Personnel Costs
• Water Permeable
• Noise Absorbent
• Natural Water Cycle

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